Litecoin will cross Ripple prior to halving event, LTC and XRP moves forward

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At present, the value of XRP sits at $0.395 and the trading volume within the last 24 hours has been $1.12 billion. The increase noted since yesterday is 1.18% at the moment.

Right next to Ripple stands Litecoin. This altcoin has been the greatest gainer of this year and is currently priced at $138.36. Many have stated the value will grow extensively and may reach 200 before the halving takes place. The whole trading volume within the last 24 hours amounts to $5.73 billion. The market cap for Litecoin has gone up by roughly 2 billion dollars, hence BCH has sunk to the 5th position.

Fifty-five days from today, LTC will go through the phase termed as ‘halving’ -miners will get lesser rewards for the blocks.

Charles Hayter, the CEO of CryptoCompare, voiced his opinion on this matter, “The halving is acting as a price catalyst.” Since the resistance value at $120 was beaten twice, the price is now expected to rise in a reasonable manner till it reacher $150. Minor pullbacks may be encountered along the journey.