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Are you aware that you have other senses beyond the five: touch, taste, smell, sound, sight?
The additional senses are incredibly important for life balance, health, well-being, and relationship harmony.
Interoception is a sense with which most people are completely out of touch. This sense enables us to be aware of internal bodily sensations and functionality.
It gives us the ability to sense when we need to eat, how our body responds to the food we eat (do we feel tired or energized by the food; are we able to easily digest it?) With this ability we can eat healthier, and we can also detect when we are in a psycho-emotional state that stifles digestion.
Interoception can help us oxygenate the body for vitality by informing us of the quality of our breathing, whether it is shallow or full, erratic or steady.
We can then make conscious changes in our mental and physical processes to regulate breathing and to manage, reduce, and even eliminate stress.
With our interoceptive sense, we can observe how relaxed or tense we are in any moment, whether or not our bodies are running healthfully.
This can reveal the truth about how we feel as we engage in our daily life activities. Keen observation of this will reveal the inner emotional truths, from which we often hide by staying busy and distracted.
As the cells of our bodies respond to emotion, and neural signals are sent throughout our anatomy in response to our interpretation of life, our body takes the brunt of every stress we experience – even if our conscious mind is unaware, or unwilling to acknowledge that we are experiencing stress.
Because our thinking minds and our busy lives mask emotions and stress, most people can greatly benefit by using interoception as a tool for wellness.
Using interoception can help us detect stress in the body, track when that stress arises, and gain clarity about the psycho-emotional patterns which govern our experiences and relationships.
By becoming skilled at using interoception, we can detect the early signs of disease (as all disease begins as some form of stress), and perhaps even prevent the onset of disease.
Using interoception can also help us slow down the aging process.
Aging happens when we endure repeat stress more often than we experience peace, balance, bliss, and harmony.
Disease happens when the repeat stress goes unmanaged.
We cannot reduce stress if we are unaware of it.
Use the following exercise to harness the benefits of interoception. Do this daily.
Try doing it in the morning, afternoon, and evening, until checking in with yourself becomes part of your day, just like checking your cell phone or checking the time.
Make your inner world just as important as your outer world, and your life will change.
Sitting, standing, or lying down. Close your eyes and notice the quality of your breath.
Notice from which part of the body the breath seems to originate. Does the breath come from your upper chest, or can you feel your ribs expand and contract as you breathe from your core?
If the breath is shallow (coming from the chest), then observe your mind. Notice the anxiety that exists in your thoughts. Notice how that anxiety translates as shallow breathing in your body.
Shallow breathing does not provide enough oxygen to the brain and body, which hinders all of their functions.
Make a conscious effort to allow the thoughts in the mind to slow down. Try to find the gap between your thoughts.
As you do this, inhale, sending your breath into your belly until you feel the ribs expand.
You do not need to force the breath or breath extra deeply.
 Just allow the breath to expand your core area, and then allow the breath to draw up from the core and leave the body.
Implement this exercise into your daily routine, and we’ll work on more interoceptive activities later.