EOS, Tron, and Ethereum are the top-three public chains, says CCID Research Institute

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Ethereum [ETH], the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and a leading smart contract platform, was once the top public chain in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, the rise of projects such as EOS and Tron seems to have affected Ethereum’s standing in the market.

The CCID Research Institute released the 11th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index, a report based on its technical evaluation of thirty-five public chains. According to the research, EOS was ranked first, with a total index of 155.7.

Tron, a competitor of Ethereum [as claimed by Founder Justin Sun], was placed second, with a total index of 146.7. Ethereum took the third position in the report, with a 142.8 total index. The report stated,

“Ranked 4 to 10 are BitShares, Nebula Chain [Nebulas], Ontology, Nash Chain [NULS], Public Trust Chain [GXChain], NEO and Stim Chain [Steem]. The Bitcoin composite score was 99.4, ranking 15th out of all 35 public-assessed chains, down 2 places from the previous period.”

Other leading projects in the space such as Ethereum Classic, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, NEM, Monero, Cardano, Stellar, Lisk, and Komodo were also a part of the report. XRP’s public chain was listed in the eighteenth position, with a total index of 94.6, while Litecoin was ranked thirty-second, with a total index of 84.7. The report said,

“The survey points include developer size, code update and code impact. The sub-index accounts for 16% of the total index. In terms of innovation, the top five are Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin and application chain. The innovation sub-index of Litecoin, Bytecoin, EOS, Nebula Chain and Super Cash has increased significantly from the previous period.”

The report also stated that with reference to the “comprehensive index”, Tezos witnessed a significant improvement in terms of continuous development. Other public chains rising in the ranks included Waves, Nebulas and Ethereum Classic, the report concluded.

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