New Full Node Client, Library and Blockchain Explorer “Bitcoin Verde” Enters the BCH Ecosystem

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After a few days into the New Year, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community and its supporters were welcomed by another new node known as Bitcoin Verde. It is a complete node, library, and an explorer for the Bitcoin cash chain.

The Verde client inventors have stated that the execution of the process begins with the basics.

Project Bitcoin Verde

When Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto first designed the Bitcoin, he used a programming language known as C++. At the moment, any programming language can adapt to the clients original binary data. It is possible provided that it sticks to the consensus rules of the blockchain.

The project consists of a block explorer, library, which is the code’s open source documentation details, and a full node.

In the course of 2018, Bitcoin Verde project’s creator states that he has been working keenly on the client and thorough tests have been done on Mac OS X and Linux. He, however, explained that a Windows build requires further testing. He added that he had also managed to get help from fellow members of the team.

In line with the programmer’s, Unlimited, XT, and Bitcoin ABC are essentially forked versions of Bitcoin Core who are a reference client. Due to this fact, they may still contain bugs. He further highlighted that the presence of a selection of different nodes can help make the BCH network thrive more.

In his words, the inventor explained, “With a diverse network of nodes, bugs in the implementation of the protocol will result in incompatible blocks between the nodes, causing a temporary fork. This situation is healthy for the network in the long term, as the temporary forks will resolve over time and the intended ruleset becomes the consensus.”

How Protocol Decisions Will Be Handled

Other full node clients include Copernicus, Parity, Bitprim, BCHD, and Bcash. With the new addition, Verde, the BCH set-up will now have nine different clients in total.

The Client inventor explained that Verde implements protocol decisions differently. For instance, instead of only handling the recorded UTXOs, Verde now maintains the whole blockchain.

The developer went on to expound that Verde evaluates the situation and chooses the most PoW (proof-of-work) to be its “head” chain.

Status of the new Verde Node

At this point in time, the Bitcoin Verde Node exists on a beta stage. Moreover, the mining-pool module is incomplete. However, programmer intends to complete the feature in sometime in the future so that it can function effectively.

Verde’s developer confessed that the Bitcoin Verde has its shortcomings. For one, the whole blockchain is indexed and the disk footprint is almost 600GB. In addition, Verde works as a block explorer and due to overworking; the download takes longer to index the whole chain and addresses.

Despite the mentioned drawbacks experienced by the new node, Verde is still welcomed by the Bitcoin Cash community and its followers as many of them agree that client variety makes the network thrive.