TRON Taps Former Developer of Ethereum Classic Development Team – Weekly Report

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The blockchain protocol Tron released its weekly report on Dec. 24th to highlight its progress, partnerships, and new records in the week running from Dec. 15th to Dec. 21st.

At least three more key executives are expected to deliver keynote speeches at the upcoming niTRON summit to be held in January in San Francisco – the countdown has already begun.

In terms of market transactions, Tron created a new record as it has done in the past.

Market Transactions

Tron has reached 160 trading pairs after Binance announced that it had paired Tron’s TRX with TUSD.

TRX was listed on BitMart, an integrated trading platform developed by a team of Wall Street elites.

The platform listed four TRX trading pairs – TRX/BTC, TRX/ETH, TRX/USDT, and TRX/BMX.

Tron’s native token was again listed by

“The world’s leading cryptocurrency index contract trading platform, providing secure, trusted cryptocurrency derivates trading services to users in more than 100 countries and territories around the world.”

A new record was created after “the number of transactions on Tron’s global network” reached 308,829 within one day.

The activeness of Tron’s public network is due to rapid development of Tron’s Dapps.

Since its MainNet launch on Jun. 25th, Tron has enjoyed a number of key milestones.

Tron’s total number of accounts surpassed 900,000 in 162 days after the MainNet launch signaling an increase of more than 150,000 account numbers per month.

Tron’s transaction number has reached a record high of just over 3 million.

The blockchain protocol claims to have “laid a solid foundation in community infrastructure, DAPP R&D, and expansion of the Tron network.”

The startup wants to continue building on its good work so that it can achieve bigger things in the future.

It took Tron 173 days since the MainNet launch to reach 100 million transactions.

The startup foresees many smart contract developers joining the TVM as the Tron community continues to improve and Dapp development strategy progresses.

Tron says that the growth of its ecosystem will usher in more transaction volume, a move that will help to unlock the true value of blockchain technology.

Tron Communities

Tron community and its leader Justin Sun are both looking forward to the niTRON summit to be held in San Francisco on Jan. 17th and Jan. 18th.

The agenda for the summit has been released, and a number of key figures in finance and software development will deliver key speeches at the event.

Frank Ku, CEO of HBUS will deliver a speech revolving around regulation and compliance.

Sarabjeet (Jay) Chugh, senior director of products at Oracle will give a keynote speech on enterprise blockchain solution and how the technology is revolutionizing the way companies build products.

Another keynote speaker, Wang Feng, CEO of Mars Finance will grace the event and share his “understanding on new investment model, security token issuance, and other new funding methods for blockchain startups.”

Tron’s ecosystem continues to attract new talent as the former developer from the Ethereum Classic Development team announced his switch to the Tron family.

Tomasz Zdybat, a well-known blockchain engineer, tweeted that he:

“Will contribute to Tron family with my experience in ETC R&D and, along with the team, introduce innovations, and tackle new challenges.”

Tron’s smart contract verification is now officially supported by Beosin’s VaaS, a smart contract verification tool.

The Tron ecosystem has launched 45 Dapps in the past five weeks, and the transaction volume of a single Dapp exceeded 1.4 billion TRX (around RMB 130 million).




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